Lunch clubs Knaresborough

Lunch Clubs
in Knaresborough

A midday home cooked lunch and opportunity to socialise.

Lunch clubs Knaresborough

Lunch Clubs at Cliff House

  • Lunch Clubs operate in a fully accessible resource centre in Cliff House on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am and 2.30pm.

  • The group can be up to 20 people in a warm room with comfortable seating and  accessible toilets nearby.

  • A midday home cooked lunch is served, as well as plenty of refreshments during the day.

  • Fully trained staff lead a team of volunteers helping everyone, as individuals, to have a good time with activities and lots of chat.


This service receives no statutory funding and therefore runs as a social enterprise.

Clients are either charged the full cost or, where eligible, can be assisted to claim funding from the statutory sector.

How to join?

A short, confidential assessment is usually arranged at your home to discuss the service and ensure that we can meet your needs. Family members or carers can be included if you wish. Health and social issues can be discussed and also your own preferences, including food likes and dislikes.

Once agreed, you will be introduced to one of the groups on a day to suit you (subject to availability) The first day is always on a (charged) trial basis.